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September 11, 2018 Lakers Wear Down Visiting Chesapeake Garrett College nets conference-opening win Sunday with straight-set triumph
September 6, 2018 Lakers Hope They're Mixing Up Winning Volleyball Blend Sophomore core and influx of freshmen have Coach Windstein Harsch optimistic
Brianna Evans, and Liu Repsys pictured with Garrett College's Athletic Director and Head Men's Basketball Coach, Dennis Gibson. Photo by Bob Carney.
May 30, 2018 Evans, Repsys Named Scholar Athletes of the Year Brianna Evans and Liu Repsys received the Female and Male Scholar Athlete of the Year Awards at graduation.
Sep 21
Women's Volleyball 12:00 PM
Garrett College
at Montgomery College (MD)
Sep 24
Women's Volleyball 7:00 PM
Allegany College of Maryland
vs. Garrett College
Sep 26
Women's Volleyball 7:00 PM
Cecil College
vs. Garrett College
Oct 01
Women's Volleyball 6:00 PM
Pennsylvania Highlands Community College
vs. Garrett College
Oct 03
Women's Volleyball 7:00 PM
Garrett College
at CCBC Essex
CCBC Essex Wellness & Athletics Center
Sep 18
Women's Volleyball Final
3 Howard Community College
0 vs. Garrett College
Sep 13
Women's Volleyball Final
0 Garrett College
3 at Chesapeake College
at Chesapeake
Sep 12
Women's Volleyball Final
0 Garrett College
3 at College of Southern Maryland
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Team Wins Losses Ties Conf. Wins Conf. Losses Conf. Ties Regional Wins Regional Losses Regional Ties
Garrett College 29 25 0 12 12 0 16 15 0

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