Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at Garrett College shall be to provide NJCAA athletic programs for men and women that are equally characterized by excellence in the classroom, and on the field of play.

The primary philosophy of the Department of Athletics is that our staff and athletic programs develop and hold the concept of the student-athlete at the highest level possible.  This important standard must be encouraged and supported equally, thus emphasizing to the student athlete the importance of not only attaining a degree, but also in reaching their full academic and athletic potential.  Our athletic programs shall reflect the traditions and goals of Garrett College as well as future visions.   The athletic programs will fall within Garrett College’s abilities to provide appropriate facilities and funding capabilities that geographically allows Garrett College to schedule conveniently and competitively. 

The goal of the Athletics Department is consistent with the mission of the College; to provide excellent educational opportunities for a diverse student-athlete population. Our athletes will be viewed as students first. The department will focus on producing well rounded successful individuals. 

Academic achievement in the classroom, together with character development, individual and team skills, the will to win, and sportsmanship in athletic competition are a focus of coaches and student-athletes together.  Such distinction is a source of pride and enthusiasm for our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community.

The Department will strive to be a leader in areas of ethics, non-discrimination, diversity and leadership throughout the Garrett College campus and Garrett County.  At the same time, student-athletes must be given every possible opportunity to represent Garrett College and the community as they strive for the highest academic and athletic standards through college support, preparation and motivation.